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Paula and I have spent a year gestating our baby, My Girls Gynae.

Our journey began in March 2022 as the world was emerging from the Covid 19 pandemic and reeling with the shock of the war in Ukraine.

Along with everyone else I experienced high stress and anxiety, and joining the yoga/ayurveda community in Blackrock, Co. Dublin led by Paula and David, helped me navigate this difficult time. I realised that I needed to do something different.

My job as Obstetrician/Gynaecologist had changed. I witnessed massive anxiety in the patients I was treating, and in their families, and the demand for the service had risen exponentially. Many difficult problems experienced by my patients were exacerbated by stress, misinformation, and poor education around normal variation. My role increasingly became one of reassurance and education. All of the studies linking stress, anxiety and poor lifestyle choices with multiple gynae issues were playing out in my clinic every day. I was addressing the symptoms but not the cause.

My experience with YogaVeda Living had enabled me to observe and reassess my own life and I became increasingly convinced that the best way to help was to provide good evidence-based information and proven techniques to alleviate many common complaints. I realised that the medical model is not enough but that combining western science with more traditional wisdom practices from Ayurveda and yoga offered a more balanced and effective approach.

My collaboration with Paula in the last year has strengthened this belief. Time and time again we have found connections between the wisdom of Ayurveda and yoga and the science of western Medicine.

As knowledge of neurobiological processes is expanding using western technology, the link between what the ancients observed and what we can now see is strengthening. It constantly amazes me that new evidence emerging from science has been known and observed over many years by these practitioners.

And so, we are excited to offer this unique resource to you, opening up the discussion around our daughters gynae health, reducing the shame and dispelling the myths. Combining science based western medicine and experience-based wisdom of yoga and ayurveda brings a balanced and nuanced approach. Our aim is to prevent or mitigate problems before they grow and require medical intervention. By providing quality information and proven techniques we aim to improve the health and wellbeing of our young girls and enable them to achieve their full potential.

What we offer

‘All about periods’

This is an online video course which Paula and I have developed which deals with periods in teenagers. We address the changes which occur in puberty, why problems occur, what is normal in adolescence, what is a problem and when to seek advice.

We emphasise the need for good lifestyle choices, including enough sleep, good diet, and appropriate exercise. The effect of body weight, stress, anxiety, and the use of electronic devices on the menstrual cycle is highlighted and we offer suggestions and techniques to help, including a video on a gentle yoga routine which can be practised with your daughter and a relaxing meditation which you will both enjoy.

Managing the period in terms of what are the best products to use is also addressed with an emphasis on reusable and eco-friendly alternatives.

We suggest medical and ayurvedic remedies which can be used at home for painful, heavy, and irregular periods. But most importantly we highlight symptoms which are concerning, and which require seeing a doctor.

There is a video on the oral contraceptive pill which is widely used in the management of difficult periods in adolescence and in adult women. This deals with how it works, the myths around using the ‘pill’, what type and for how long it should be used.

We also reference a number of reputable resources, providing further information which you and your daughter may find beneficial.

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School workshops

Available to primary and secondary school girls and tailored to their age and needs.
Education to set girls up to experience optimum gynae health. We believe that having clarity at a young age will equip girls to

  • Take responsibility for their bodies
  • Understand what is natural and what may require attention
  • See the link between stress management and hormone balance
  • Encourage self-care at a young age


Tailored to the age group and needs of the girls as identified by the school.

We will include

  • Gentle yoga movement
  • Discussions to provide information and dispel the myths around particular gynae topics
  • Stress reduction and relaxation techniques.
Sample Teen Gynae Info Forum Programme for Secondary Schools


Aimed at caregivers (usually mums). These can be aimed at adults only or events which include mums and daughters. We host sessions at the YogaVeda Living Studio Blackrock, Co. Dublin and are available to facilitate discussions in schools and other venues.

Once again, a holistic approach including gentle movement, relaxation techniques and a general discussion on various gynae topics. These sessions will focus on questions and areas of concern from the participants. We encourage submission of questions before the session so that we know we are addressing the concerns of the group appropriately.

Likely topics discussed include:

  • normal puberty development
  • period problems
  • vulval anatomy
  • vaginal discharge
  • HPV vaccine,
  • poor mood
  • lifestyle choices
  • relaxation and stress reduction techniques
  • as well any other issues you raise which we may be able to help with
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