What sort of messages did you receive when your period arrived? The chances are that if you are a mother of a teenager now, your period probably wasn’t celebrated. If it had been, you may have a very different relationship with your cycle today.

We have put together two beautiful period gift boxes – a period celebration box and an eco-friendly period self-care box.

Both of these gifts are perfect to celebrate the arrival of the first period or indeed, if your daughter has already had her period, why not surprise her with a lovely gift now to mark her rite of passage into womanhood. The eco self-care box includes products that are free from toxins – pads and tampons – as well as gentle, sustainable skincare products.

It’s never too late to let your daughter know that her menstrual cycle is a blessing – it is a sign of health and vitality – one of the key messages on our My Girls Gynae period cards (included in every gift box).


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