Dr Geraldine Connolly and Paula Herbert have over 50 years’ experience in Gynaecology and Yoga/Ayurveda respectively. We provide information on Gynae health from both a medical and holistic angle. The aim is maximising gynae health, tuning into the menstrual cycle and its effects on all aspects of wellbeing and performance.

We offer programmes to girls and women of all ages – from adolescence to post menopause, facilitating events on menstrual issues, fertility, pregnancy, contraception and menopause. Modern scientific evidence-based information, combined with the experiential wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga provide a unique opportunity for lively, well-rounded discussions.



Puberty, Menstrual Cycle and Stress Management

  • Pre-recorded course for mothers and daughters
  • Workshops for girls and their guardians
  • School and sports club events
  • Information sessions for teachers, sports coaches, and caregivers



Menstruation, Maternity, Menopause

  • Our programmes are designed to be interactive and engaging and can be delivered online or in-person
  • We also develop bespoke programmes to address specific gynae issues

• Geraldine Connolly •

Consultant Obstetrician/Gynaecologist

Rotunda/ Temple Street Hospitals

  • Commenced training in obs/gynae in 1992
  • Set up and ran the first specialised adolescent and paediatric gynae clinics in Ireland in the Rotunda and Temple Street Hospitals (2004-2023)
  • Established a dedicated teen pregnancy clinic in the Rotunda providing continuity of care during pregnancy and organising postpartum contraception and education.
  • Many years working in menopause, fertility, recurrent miscarriage, and general gynae clinics.
  • Over the years I realised that the medical model which concentrates in treating and managing gynae problems is not enough. As time went on, I was medicating less and educating more, aiming to give back autonomy and confidence to the woman/girl sitting before me. I am delighted to continue this path in collaboration with Paula, reducing the fear and anxiety, and providing information, techniques, and tools to help.

• Paula Herbert •

Senior Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner, Wellbeing Mentor

  • Co-director of YogaVeda Living (formerly Ashtanga Yoga Dublin) since 2003 – a Yoga studio in Blackrock, Dublin
  • Runs an Ayurvedic clinic offering consultations, treatments and seasonal detox programmes to help women achieve greater hormonal balance
  • Teaches masterclasses in Yoga and Ayurveda
  • Has trained several hundred Yoga teachers
  • Works with large Corporates like Google, educating their senior management all over the globe as well as smaller companies who want to promote mental health and wellness within the work environment.
  • Runs international annual Summer Yoga Holidays and Retreats
  • Taught Yoga for kids and teen girls for over 7 years

I have spent the last 20 plus years educating girls and women on how to integrate holistic self-care practices into their daily routines to help build and maintain balance in both body and mind. Joining forces with Geraldine is a unique way to make a positive impact on womens’ gynae health, which is so closely tied to general wellbeing. It is a very exciting time!